Welcome to the first episode of a new Howl & Blossom podcast series Wild Soul Sessions.

In this episode Alisha and I talk mental health, hormonal cycles, being in love with Nature and how yoga can support us during different phases of our lives.

To join us in our month long exploration of ‘Yoga with the Moon’ please check out Alisha’s website http://alishaeden.yoga/

Alisha and I join together to create a community around our loves – yoga and the moon.

We invite you to participate in ‘Yoga with the Moon’ – 28 days of ebbing and flowing with the natural cycle of the moon, connecting with the various yin and yang energies of a cyclical existence, and exploring living in harmony with our own hormonal cycles.

We’ll be cultivating a community of like-hearted women, joining together in circle at the new moon via Zoom, and being led in regular yoga practices. The pace and intensity of these yoga practices will be informed by the moon phase – the new moon is gentle and introspective, the full moon is active and extroverted. And there are plenty of other energies in between for us to explore.

I’ll be leading us in the new moon and full moon circles, and Alisha will guide us in our yoga practices.

We hope to make connections that extend beyond the yoga mat – both with each other and also within our own selves, so that we can carry these lessons with us in every day life.

We hope you get to know us during this podcast episode, and if you feel called to join us in for Yoga with the Moon please do get in touch.

:: Alisha’s Details ::
Website: http://alishaeden.yoga/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eden_alisha/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alishaedenyoga/

:: Sian’s Details ::
Website: https://sianpeters.me/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sianpeters.me/

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