What can I tell you? My commitment wained. I lost my mojo. Lots of dramatic and hideous outrageous things happened in my life.

But here I am! Out the other side [as much as that can ever be true of the continuous journey we are all on]. Single. Living with parents. Meat eating. Wheat free. Sugar dabbler.


Full on life changing, life affirming, self developing, self loving, continually challenging, opportunity creating, me! *bows* A-thank-you.

Well, I wont bore you with the gory details [yeah I know you probably wouldn’t be bored, I’m politely telling you to bog off], but it’s Monday 1 August 2016 (what a lovely date – I do love when the first of the month falls on the first day of the week) and here I am, in my childhood bedroom [yep!] back at the coal-face [read: blog-face].

It’s been a while, and I can reveal, that while I still eat a shit-tonne of cheese, I have lost two and a half stone since February! [That’s 35lb! Nearly 16kg!] Yep! I ate cheese and I slayed the weight loss. *bows again*

Now, I can’t take all the credit for this. While I identified my diet of choice (more on that later), and specified my wheat free, sugar free (ish) requirements, my mother [read: goddess, wizarding chef, wonderwoman] feeds me. Every day. Oh yes. Three meals a day. She sources [shops], prepares and cooks my food. Breakfast. Lunch. And. Dinner.

I know, you’re jealous. We spend all this time wanting to be a growed up [not a typo]. Wishing we could be an adult. Trying to break free from our parents. And here I am, at the grand old age of 28, at home, doing zero adulting. [I do my own washing, but I mean, it’s 2016, the washing machine does that for me, let’s be honest.]

So I really have my mother to thank for my new found health and thinness. Thank you mother!

I’ve also discovered EXERCISE! Now, let’s not get carried away here. I am not suddenly running around the Surrey Hills doing squats and burpees [they’re a thing, right?]. I am not participating in the latest HIIT malark, or even Pokemon Go-ing my way to a smaller waist line. I am, in fact, doing YOGA.

Oh. My. Yogi! I LOVE YOGA! I can’t say it loud enough, or frequently enough. I love it. It has changed my life. And NO, it is not just stretching. It’s actually quite hard work (sometimes, if I rock up to the hard class, which I do, every week, cos I loves it!)

I go to yoga at my local yoga centre three times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less (if my social life suddenly becomes vibrant!). But mostly, three times a week. I have never liked a form of exercise so much that I participated in it more than once a week. Even that was a stretch most of the time. But now, well.

(I’m sure I will harp on about yoga a bit more in later episodes.)

I have also discovered WALKING. Mhhmmmm. Walking. Now, I don’t quite feel qualified enough to call what I do HIKING just yet. But certainly I walk. On Saturday I joined an organised group and I walked 10 miles round the Surrey countryside AND I made a new friend. Yep. Real life. New friend. Go me!

So now you’re a bit caught up on me! How have you been?!