So maybe weekly is a better bet!

This week was a busy one. I went down to part time hours at work, Lee went to Florida, Jules left for pastures new, and I had friends over to eat three nights in a row!

On Wednesday we went to this lovely Thai place for Jules’ send off. Everyone committed to starters and a main, and so as not to be left out, I thought I’d do the same. Problem was the vegetarian starters all had wheat. Hurdle number 1. I thought I’d go for it and hope for the best – I am only intolerant not completely allergic so maybe a little wheat wouldn’t hurt? I had some spring rolls. They were, of course, yummy. My main was rice and red veggie curry. Now, last time I had thai food, it took a total of four hours to pass through my digestive system and the finale was really quite something. So I was expecting more of the same. Though I can report, happily, that this time I’m pretty sure the pre-bedtime bathroom activity was due to twosdays pizza hut hangover, as the next day I was totally fine! Success!

Thursday HB ventured over to mine and I made spaghetti bolognese. Meat free, wheat free, covered in cheese. Standard. I haven’t made spaghetti bolognese for a long time as I was under the impression the Quorn mince upset my stomach. As it turns out, it was probably the spaghetti. So this was my first bolognese in MONTHS. HB loved it, of course. And I was mostly fine. Though I did spend Friday at home (due to part time hours! Hurrah!) so I didn’t pay as much attention to my bodily functions as it wasn’t such a big deal. Quorn mince has ‘natural caramelised sugar’ in the ingredients. I am not entirely sure what this means. Anyone know what that means? The word ‘natural’ is a bit wooly in my opinion. But anyway.

Friday I made a new discovery! I cannot tell you what a delight it was. On Thursday afternoon I ventured to the supermarket and got food in for the week. I spent £90. Geez. Aside from that, I decided to dabble in some new Nakd products. The first of which I consumed on Friday, and I LOVED it. Salted caramel bites. Salted caramel. With no sugar, no gluten, no dairy. Full of fruit and nuts and salt and some secret caramelness. Well. Who knew fruit and nuts could trick you into believing you were eating salted caramel. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the food of the future (or rather, of the now, as you can buy it now, and you should, right now, go, get it, never eat badly again… well… ya know… not never… but Nakd!!!)