I’ve had a few conversations lately with different people who have complained to me that their newsfeed is negative, and that they are thinking of giving up Facebook because of it. Now, it is true to say that your newsfeed is like a mirror, it reflects your interests and beliefs, your politics and hobbies, and it displays the company you keep. Therefore, if your feed is negative, it should tell you something. Time for a change!

So, if you need to change up your newsfeed, or even if you could just do with a bit more love and light in your face every day, then take a look at my top 20 pages for a positive newsfeed!

When I was a great big ball of fuzzy, non-human-shaped mess, I liked as many pages as I could find that shouted positivity at me daily, hourly even, so that I could not escape it. It worked. And I still love it now.

Gabby Bernstein

My favourite woman at the moment. Her new book is EPIC and you should all get a copy or listen on Audible (I will write a book review soon!) She will change your life. You’ll never be the same again.


Think Grow Prosper

Fantastic, uplifting content.


Jenna Galbut

She believes in you, and she shows you how to believe in yourself.


Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life

Positivity and then more positivity. Get some peaceful mind and get your peaceful life.


Evolver Social Movement

This might be a bit ‘out there’ for some people, but I love it.


I Believe

“Believe you can and you’re half way there.” Could not be more true.


Spirit Science

Enlightened. Magical content.


Word Porn

Not always positive as such, but certainly deep and meaningful. There have been many times when a post from Word Porn has conveniently described how I’ve been feeling when I could not quite find the words. [I think they sneak inside your head when you’re asleep! [Or the Universe intervenes… it could be that.]]



Much like Word Porn. But I don’t believe you can get too much of a good thing…

Just Life Quotes

Does exactly what it says on the tin!


The Minds Journal

Some of my favourite quotes are delivered by this page. Including this one:


Power of Positivity

“Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Do good for others. Everything comes back..” Their trademarked tagline says it all really doesn’t it! And their posts help to drip feed you positivity so that you think, say and do nice things.

Mind Body Green

I really believe in a holistic approach to life – and so it seems does Mind Body Green. They publish meaningful articles on everything from moon cycles to beauty treatments, current events to healthy eating. They’ve got it all.

The Secret

While I don’t like the way they try to sell you one of their products every five minutes, the pictures they post to accompany their sales pitch are generally very positive and helpful.

Danielle LaPorte

I am a big fan of Danielle LaPorte’s work. She’s exceptionally inspiring, uplifting and practical. As well as honest! Check her out.

Collective Evolution

Not everything they post is great. There is plenty of scaremongering and hyperbole, as well as conspiracy theories. But when they write about renewable energy and nutrition they’re fantastic.

David Wolfe

Again, too much scaremongering and conspiracy theories, and I do not believe in everything posted here. However, most of the content is great.

Very British Problems

Usually not positive at all, quite sarcastic and defeatist in fact, but hilariously so; it will make you smile and nod.

I fucking love science

Always interesting and largely on the same political and spiritual wavelength as me.

The Official Grumpy Cat

Just because it is funny.

I’d also recommend that you join some groups that reflect your hobbies and interests. I am a photographer so I have joined a lot of photography groups, which means my feed is full of pretty pictures! I also follow a lot of travel pages because travel pictures make me happy. Follow what makes your heart sing.

If you’ve got any other suggestions for positive pages to follow, PLEASE share them below. I just can’t get enough! Thanks =)