The other night my marvellous Hanna brought me some chocolate. Now, I haven’t had chocolate since day 1. Let me repeat that: 

I haven’t had chocolate since day 1. 

Zero. Zilch. Nada. No. Chocolate. 

The weight of that statement cannot be underestimated. I surprised myself with my willpower. I thought the days of surprising my own self were over. Looks like they’ve only just begun! 

Chocolate was a daily delight for me before the dreaded sugar saga. Chocolate made up a large part of who I was (and let’s be fair, still does!) So my ability to discard it with such ease was shocking. I’m a very loyal person and I was quite disgusted with myself for the way I cast chocolate aside; as though we no longer had a connection. 

Well, let me tell you, Hanna changed all that. (God dam it Hanna!) She came in here with her little gift bag of chocolatey goodness. Sugar free. Wheat free. Deliciousness. I am broken. I don’t mind admitting this to you – my feelings are too strong. I cannot help myself. It’s all I can do to stop myself bulk ordering these little packets of heaven from the internet straight to my door. And I’ll be honest (as what’s the point in all this if I’m not) I know I will end up bulk ordering from the Internet. There isn’t anything anyone can do. It’s over for me. Save yourselves. [Except don’t really cos you have got to try this stuff!] 

Disclaimer: I didn’t have time to photograph the milk chocolate one or the buttons. They weren’t long for this world.