I have so been neglecting this element of my blog haven’t I?

I haven’t been updating you on all my wondrous progress and virtuous eating habits! What the hell, Sian!

Well, truth be told there ain’t been that much progress, and there definitely hasn’t been much in the way of virtuous eating habits!

Now don’t get me wrong, my mother still feeds me [thank you thank you thank you] so my three meals each day are well considered and virtuous. But in between… sugar has taken hold.

I cannot tell you the utter failure I have been. My goodness.

I had been dabbling in chocolate here and there [please forgive me] and generally not being the best me I can be. And then, like a huge storm of carby sugary craziness, I attended a hen weekend.


Let me tell you! I ate SO MUCH FOOD. I actually don’t know how I managed to fit it in me. At one stage we were playing a game with a bar of chocolate and I uttered the immortal words “please no more chocolate!!!!” NO. MORE. CHOCOLATE. I think I was experiencing a parallel universe. (In truth I was experiencing an apparently well known brownie/guide game whereby if you throw a 6 [dice] you get to don hat, gloves and scarf [yes in August! Duh!] and eat as many squares of chocolate with a knife and fork as you can before someone else throws a 6. Turns out I am pretty good at throwing sixes… which is great ‘cause ya know, that is going to serve me well in life!]

Not only did I eat chocolate. I ate cake. Now, for a wheat free sugar free person, cake is something that usually just is not worth the stomach ache. But this time, it was glorious, home made, gluten free, DELICIOUSNESS. I cannot tell you the pleasure that this cake afforded me [thank you Immy and your mum for the absolutely scrummy cake!]

But then there came the pay off. You cannot eat THREE massive meals a day, WITH carbs [which are generally not in my daily food stuffs] AND sugar, and not pay the price. Ohhhh my, did I suffer. I felt about 3 stone heavier and my stomach was the most miserable part of my body for quite a few days after that!

But it was good during consumption… *monkey-with-hands-over-eyes emoji*

I didn’t realise quite how difficult I found carbs to deal with to be honest, until I just shovelled them in my face as though the world might end any second now. Then I realised just how much carbs really aren’t for me. Oops.

So I tried to get back on the bandwagon after that. And largely I succeeded. But the sugar.

Ohhhhh the sugar!

I am an addict. I am not ashamed to admit this. You are probably an addict too – you just don’t know it.

I am hands down, face first, inhaling that granulated white substance like it is my only saviour.

I am addicted to sugar.

So weaning myself off it after that weekend of hourly doses was tough. So tough. I had to just switch to natural substitutes in an attempt to get through my working week [which coincidentally happened to be a bit of a write off! I’m blaming Mercury in retrograde, but the sugar come down did not help!]

So here I am, a few weeks later [Mercury still in retrograde but easing off me a bit THANKFULLY!] and I have just shovelled my fave bar of chocolate in my face. Oops.

BUT until that point, I was doing really well. And I am totally back on the bandwagon now [except Saturday is the wedding and Monday is holiday for a week so ya know… anything could happen!]

Yesterday’s food diary looked exactly like this:

  • Bacon and natural yogurt for breakfast [served in separate vessels. Don’t be disgusting!]
  • CAKE for snack [bear with me]
  • Tuna and cheese salad for lunch
  • Raspberries
  • Chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon [this IS diet food. Trust me.] with the last of the home-grown runner beans and sweet potato wedges

SEE. Healthy. Virtuous. Wondrous…

Oh wait. You’re still worrying about the cake aren’t you?


Let me tell you a little secret [that isn’t a secret at all as it is on the internet, but] blueberry and banana bread. Gluten free. Dairy free. Weird ingredients free. Complication free. AMAZING FANTASTIC LIFE AFFIRMING RECIPE!

My friend pointed me in the direction of this absolute gem, and my mother [she really is wonderful] made me [in the morning before I woke up as she is a crazy morning person] some of this fantastic blueberry banana bread.

You should 100% try it. It is delicious AND easy AND no one would ever know it is gluten free and dairy free. Oh AND refined sugar free!!!! [Just a bit of honey.]

I’ve never known food like it. I am obsessed.

Oh yes I suppose you’d like the recipe! Here it is: The Little Green Spoon Blueberry Banana Bread

Now I know it says paleo, and I don’t really know what that means either. I don’t know if it is strictly allowed on the Harcombe diet. But right now I really don’t care as it ticks SO many of my numerous boxes, that I am just grateful to have found it! <3

I am going to try some more of her recipes [well, my mother is going to, obviously I don’t actually cook anything [spoilt brat, yes I know, aren’t I lucky – and eternally grateful <3 ]]

You should definitely make some and let me know how you get on with it. I want to see your pictures!

In other news, I have my eye on a two week yoga vacation in an ashram in India. I am a bit excited.

Peace, love, and bake off <3