I woke up this morning with a serious sugar hangover. Wow.

Last night my lovely friend made me an epic sweet potato curry with cauliflower rice! Then her husband gave me a jar of sweets… Well. When presented with palma violets I have no power to resist. And let’s be fair, how often do you get presented with palma violets in adult life? [I say adult loosely as clearly I don’t do much adulting, but you get my meaning!]

I had such a bad headache this morning that I had to take ibuprofen AND paracetamol [Disclosure: this is my favourite combination whenever I get a headache tbh, but if I tell you that then I feel it sounds far less dramatic.] I drank an entire pint of water and went back to sleep. All of this happened largely while I had my eyes shut – it was too bright!

I was also STARVING HUNGRY. [Obviously this is also an exaggeration, I am not starving. Thankfully.] which always happens after a sugar binge. I still feel quite sick from it tbh. (It is 10am as I write)

“Let this be a lesson to you”, I say to myself during my inner dialogue while throwing painkillers down my neck. Along with “you’re such an idiot” and “I hope it was worth it”… In fact, I sound a lot like my mother on those many nights she would hold my hair back while I emptied the contents of my stomach after one too many tequila shots. My stomach also feels a lot like that now [though not QUITE as bad, but I think that is more testament to the quantities of tequila than the effects of sugar…]


But is tastes so good at the time. Dam it. *hangs head in shame*

In other more positive news, I’ve booked myself on a little retreat in September in Spain! I’m going to be doing yoga and hiking, and learning lots of new skills from (soon to be) new friends!

This was another gift from the Universe and the most literal manifestation I have ever managed. When I came back from Budapest in July I booked a week of annual leave for September. Friday night I was sat in the pub garden chatting to my friends about how I hadn’t booked any travel for that week yet and how I really had better get on and do it – but I couldn’t choose where to go. Saturday morning a post popped up on my FB newsfeed for the most perfect retreat [seemingly designed just for me] for the dates that I had already booked off work! I gasped and laughed out loud to myself [crackers] and booked it! So excited!

I’ve also been saying since March that I want to go to India in February. And, as if by magic, my yoga centre is running a retreat in Kerala in February! I resisted the urge to book this this week and congratulated myself on being sensible enough to wait until payday. Only time will tell if I regret that decision and wish I had just booked it!

Now I just need to work out what to do with my 10 days off over Christmas. Any suggestions?