Oh. My. Word. We were so sick.

I mean, as my friend H said, nothing bonds a couple quite like food poisoning. And she is so right.

Thankfully it could have been much worse. Don’t get me wrong, sitting on the toilet with a bucket isn’t ideal, particularly when you have to leave the door open so your boyfriend can be sick in the sink if necessary. I’ve definitely had better Wednesday nights!

But I’ve also had worse.

We woke up within minutes of each other and then the show started. Wow. We got closer real fast.

I am so grateful that the bin was water tight, and that I could steal toilet paper from the communal loos when we ran out, and that I’d made ice cubes a few days before so we had something to hydrate us when we ran out of water.

I am also super grateful for AP. We tag teamed the shit out of that situation [gross pun absolutely intended]. We were quite the team.

I’ve never been sick with someone else before. It’s very different to being sick alone. Your attention isn’t solely on yourself. Which for me meant that I felt far less sorry for myself than I would have. I could even see the humour in it! Mid situation I was laughing. Here we are in paradise, head in a bucket, short of drinking water and toilet paper… what is this life.

I recalled all the times I’d been more sick than this. I told AP stories of how I’d once spent 8 hours on the toilet with a bucket due to a bug – I slept there. That was quite a terrible situation.

There are several more stories of being so hungover that I couldn’t move. And a few others that I’ll refrain from sharing here [don’t want to give away all my mysteries on the Internet eh!].

AP maintained he’d never been that sick before. Which is fair. I mean, I am a pro at vomiting – usually due to self inflicted excess. I’ve had quite a lot of experience of that over the years [oops].

We made it through til morning. And then we spent the next day sulking that we couldn’t enjoy ourselves.

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows in paradise eh.

Though really, it is. Because my team mate was utterly heroic throughout the entire thing. And I’d have seriously struggled doing that alone. [Thank you, babe].

In other news, we rented a scooter [sorry mum] and explored the local area.

Full disclaimer: I was terrified. I mean, people here are bonkers on bikes. The roads are windy and hilly. And I have never been on the road on a bike like that. We had helmets (of course) but no leathers… AP has a bike licence so after a couple of short trips where I think I swore the entire time and clung on for dear life, I loosened up and calmed down, and actually ended up quite enjoying it! So much so that I might play bikes at home [sorry mum] with the appropriate safety gear of course [I don’t much fancy a skin graft].

We visited a local hot spring and floated around in there for a while. That was pretty. We got some GoPro footage too.

I would have also been terrified of that not long ago – I only got in the water last summer after over 15 years firmly on dry land. In fact, we had a pool at our paradise accommodation and I SWAM! Actual front crawl. I won’t be entering the olympics or anything but I SWAM!!!! Yay me! [Are you proud, MWHB?!]

We also visited a waterfall, which was, quite frankly, a little underwhelming. It was too dry to really be called a waterfall, but I imagine that’s what you get at this time of year eh! It wasn’t without its merits tho.

It was still beautiful. And relatively peaceful. And the road up to it was rural and wonderful.

We unintentionally interrupted a solo woman meditating in a secluded spot at the top [sorry, honey]. And shortly after we were joined by a couple more people. One of these people started playing in the little stream of water at the top of the rock… it didn’t take long until she lost her grip on the slippery surface and ended up sliding down, out of control, into the murky pool at the bottom.

The poor girl. She was scared. And I was just praying the entire time she wouldn’t injure herself as she slipped faster and faster. Also – ain’t no one willingly getting into that pool – I hope she didn’t get an infection!

She stood up pretty quickly after landing in the pool. But wasn’t very coherent and didn’t seem to be able to get herself out of the water. She was seriously shaken.

After a few minutes AP climbed down to help her out and thankfully there were some steps back up to the top so she could rejoin her friends. I imagine she burst into tears when she got there. I bloody would have.

I may not be completely terrified of water anymore, but I won’t be playing at the top of waterfalls any time soon.

We’re at the airport now. Today is 1x bus journey and 2x airplanes to get down to Phuket. Seaside here we come!!!

I’m starting to get better at packing and traveling in general. And I can feel myself relaxing. Not everything is entirely new anymore. And I’ve stopped feeling guilty if I don’t eat local food now – after that experience, I’m quite happy with chips for the most part! Wheat free Thailand is still challenging, but I’m getting there.

See you on the other side!