Do you feel unseen, unheard and disconnected?

Do you want to feel more aligned with yourself and the world around you?

Do you want to embrace more JOY this year?

You are invited to be part of the #RewildingChallenge this March 2020 and join other like-hearted women on their homecoming journey.

Ways to participate



Use the hashtag #RewildingChallenge so that we can connect with each other 


Sign up via email to receive a more in depth musing on each photo prompt, as well as the occasional photography tip and a few little digital gifts!

In private

You can simply use these photo prompts to inspire you, without sharing your photos or other creations with the world. That’s ok too =)

Spending time in nature is scientifically proven to improve your mental health, your wellbeing, and your physical health. It is also a really simple but effective way to connect with our inner child – rediscover our sense of play, and joy. Nature is the ultimate creative force, and so the more time we spend with Her the more our own creativity flows within us. 

We relax. We become inquisitive again. We start to see miracles in every breath.

During the #RewildingChallenge you will feel more:

  • Creative
  • Connected 
  • Nourished
  • Inspired
  • Calm
  • Freedom

Your perspective will shift. You’ll experience the change of the season. You’ll make like-hearted friends. 

You’ll remember what a miracle it is to be alive, in this human experience, with all of us.

We spend so much of our lives indoors – inside concrete blocks. This keeps us from understanding who we really are. It blocks our creativity, and our sense of wonder. It also contributes to us forgetting that we ARE Nature. 

We are of the Earth, and we have an intrinsic relationship with it. By Rewilding and Rediscovering that connection with the Earth, we open the door to allow that same connection with our inner wisdom. We create space within ourselves to Remember who we are and reignite our inner fires.

How it works

Each day there is a new photo prompt – one word that you can use as inspiration to create a picture.

You are encouraged to use each prompt as an invitation to go out into Nature, and include Her in every single photo you create. You can the post on Instagram using the hashtag #RewildingChallenge if you want to.

You may wish to take your creativity beyond the frame of your lens – journaling, using collage, painting, drawing… you really can join in however you feel called to. Do what feels good! 

If you choose to sign up via email, you’ll receive a short musing from me each day with more inspiration around the photo prompt, and some little digital gifts!

Join us any time! If you miss the the beginning, that’s ok. Join in whenever you like. 



Stepping outside is just the beginning. And as with all things in Nature, small incremental changes amount to huge transformation over time.

As the Oak slowly grows day by day from the Acorn.

As the Ocean slowly turns Pebbles into Sand.

It is in each micro step that change comes.

Get outside in nature every day for one month and feel the difference in your:

Connection with yourself

Connection with your community

Connection with the planet



Physical health

Mental health

You might not yet be ready to Brave the Wilderness like Bear Grylls (or even Brene Brown!). But step outside with us for five minutes every day for a month, and you’ll be well on your way to remembering Your Wild Soul.