It’s World Mental Health Day! And I’ve been riding the most serious wave of anxiety that I’ve experienced in years.

This podcast episode is a raw, unedited account of my experiences over the past week. I talk about how I turned up to work and lasted 10 minutes, 7 of which I was crying. I describe how my anxiety meltdown felt, what I’m doing about it, and what I’ve learnt as a result.

I’ve not edited myself at all. There are pauses, and a lot of fumbling and erm-ing, and I wanted to keep that in there to give you a true reflection on where I am at at the moment. Some of those pauses were due to me catching my breath while I tried not to cry.

I hope this episode is relatable, and I hope it goes some way to combat the constant highlight reel we are exposed to with social media.

If you’re struggling right now, you are not alone. We’re in this together. And there are thousands of us, millions even, who are managing our mental health in the best ways we know how.

The more we share, the less stigma we face, and the more we learn.

I’d love to hear about your mental health journey, and the tools you use to cope. Use the links at the top of the page to get in touch.

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