My Moon Musings are delivered on the New Moon and the Full Moon each cycle. They’re where you can read all my heart-pourings and life-ponderings. I am fiercely honest and transparent when I write because I believe that we are living a shared experience, and there is a lot of power in sharing. 

I write to you because I want to make you feel less alone. I write about things that people are scared to say out loud, and things that people normally reserve for their closest friends. 

When you read my Moon Musings I want you to feel like this: “THANK YOU! I needed to hear that.” Because there have been many many times in my life that I’ve read something online from a stranger that has switched on a light within me. 

I write because I want to be that light for you. I’ll shine as brightly as I can, I’ll share as much as I can, as honestly as I can, and I’ll always invite you to respond. 

That’s why I send them via email and post them privately in my Howl & Blossom Community – because I want to create a space for you where you feel safe to reply if you want to. A space that reminds us that we are all connected. A space where we may no longer be strangers.

I used to post that stuff on this blog – so if you want an idea of what my Moon Musings might contain, take a look at the posts here. You’ll find a little trail of my life behind that link. 

I find the courage to put myself out there so that you can find me if you relate, and we can connect by the power and magic of the internet. The importance of connecting with likeminded people cannot be overstated. So if you recognise any of yourself within what I write, come and join us in the Howl & Blossom Community. 

When you sign up you also get access to my exclusive Mini Rewilding Toolkit for free! It’s an introduction to everything we do at Howl & Blossom. It’s part meditation, part journaling, part creativity, and entirely practical magic.

If you relate to the Anais Nin poem: “And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk is took to blossom”, then this space is for you.

We will howl and blossom together.