I’m going to start small but mighty. You can read this book in an evening and it’ll make you see the world in a different light. It is formatted in such a way that you can pick it up and put it down for little daily reminders while you brush your teeth [if you are so inclined to wander round the house dripping toothpaste in your wake!]

Every single decision, thought or action we take is made either out of love or fear. No exceptions. It is that simple. And once you train your brain to recognise this, you are well on your way to choosing thoughts and actions out of love. Which is essentially all that happiness and success is – LOVE.

When you are choosing out of fear you are denying your true self, your true path, your true purpose – you are denying yourself success and happiness! Each choice you make out of fear is toxic and it is not serving you.

Life becomes much simpler when you break everything down to fear and love. Life also becomes much happier and successful. My decisions became much easier when I started to look at the world through the ‘love-v-fear’ lens, and I became much happier and much more successful.

Let me know what you think! I want to know if this book helps you and what your favourite quotes are. And if you’ve got any stories to share about your successes and happiness after reading the book, I want to hear those too. The more we share the success, the more it multiples!

Peace and love xx