Your journal is a safe space to explore your emotions, connect with yourself, and untether Your Wild Soul

What to expect

Journal Your Self is an online workshop that will teach you how to use journaling to tune into your inner guidance, and unlock the mysteries of your heart. 

The biggest barrier we face in getting what we want, is first getting clear on what that is. I’m not talking about an Aston Martin or a Castle in Scotland [though if anyone fancies giving me either of those, I am open to offers!] I’m talking about deep rooted desires – the kind of desires that no amount of shopping, or sex, or food can ever satisfy. 

Journaling helps us to uncover those parts of our soul that we tamed long ago – that we edited and plastered over in order to “fit in” and “be accepted”. Those parts of us that niggle in the middle of the night, that make us feel uneasy and unsatisfied in ways that we just cannot explain…yet. 

By putting pen to paper you can unravel your Wild Soul and journey home to yourself, at your own pace. 

It is often the simplest magic that is the most effective. And journaling is just that – simple, but powerful. 

You can be completely yourself in those pages. You are free. 

How it works

We’ll spend a couple of hours going over a few different journaling techniques to get you flowing. You’ll overcome your fear of the blank page, fall in love with the process of scribbling, and discover a non-judgemental confidant in the pages of your notebook. You’ll gain an understanding of how to journal, and also a deeper appreciation of why it’s beneficial. You’ll experience five journaling exercises and techniques that you can carry with you throughout your lifetime, and build upon as your journey unravels. 

This will be a live online workshop. I’ll be live on video call, and you can post questions in the chat bar (no scary on screen appearance required of you!) You’ll need a pen and paper, and approximately 2 hours of uninterrupted time for yourself. You’ll then receive the recorded workshop via email so that you can practice the exercises again and again.

This workshop is for you if…

You’ve been wanting to explore journaling but you just don’t know how to start

You’ve never written more than a birthday card before [no writing experience required]

You’re looking for a way to deep dive into your Wild Soul

You’ve tried journaling before and it didn’t work for you, but you really want it to

You have a fear of the blank page and just don’t know what to write or where to start

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Who I am and how I came to journaling

I’ve always been a writer. When I was 8 years old I asked for an electronic typewriter [we didn’t have laptops back then]. So my Dad bought the typewriter, my Uncle supplied endless streams of paper and ribbons [the ink] and I wrote. 

I have no idea what I wrote about, but I knew my soul could be found in ink and paper. And I’ve been writing ever since. 

When I was a teenager I used to keep notebooks. I’d carry them around with me in my school bag and I let my heart pour out onto the pages… streams of consciousness, unfathomable to anyone but me. Pieces of poems, and song lyrics, solid pages of prose and the odd doodle. Whatever flowed out of my pen. It was my release. 

I revealed my truest self to those notebooks. And they kept my secrets. They still do. 

Notebooks don’t judge you. They never correct your spelling, or criticise your grammar. They don’t care if you get your tears on them, or rip their pages into tiny pieces. 

Notebooks are neutral ground – a perfect place to dig into the depths of your soul. 

Sometimes, you’ll surprise even yourself with what flows out in ink on those pages. And that’s where the magic happens. 

I’ve used journaling to make sense of my emotions, to forgive myself and others, to dream up my ideal man [and discover him in real life], to consciously create my life, and to process my anxiety and depression. 

I was never able to commit to journaling every day. I just used to pick it up when it took my fancy. It wasn’t a practice in the strict sense of the word. There was no dedication or routine. And for the longest time [31 years in fact] that was enough. That was perfect. That worked.

More recently I’ve prescribed to a practice, a gentle commitment to myself to carve out the time to journal every morning. [I suppose that’s what happens as you get older – you have to carve out specific pockets of time to be yourself, just your self. In between caring for other people and performing adulting duties.]

But to be perfectly honest, there are no rules here.

Rules aren’t my style. Integrity and courage are all that are required to live an authentic life. What you do on the pages of your own story is your business, and yours alone.

And so I invite you, to open your notebook to a blank page, and join me in unraveling our Wild Souls – a practice and journey that is sure to last a lifetime [for what else is there, after all?] 

Start here, sign up, and see where this adventure takes you.


What do I need?

A pen, a notebook and an open mind. 

This is not an art journaling workshop. I love a bit of art therapy, and I love cutting and sticking [also known as collage!] but this workshop is designed to be accessible – you don’t need fancy tools to uncover your Wild Soul. 

[You’ll also need an internet connection and a computer, to be able to join the online workshop.]

What do I get?

You’ll get the opportunity to join me live via Zoom, submit questions and comments in the chat bar [no scary on screen appearance required of you!] and we’ll work through five journaling exercises live. 

It’s a practical workshop – we will be journaling in class. 

You’ll also receive a recording of the workshop so that you can practice the guided journaling exercises again and again.

Do I have to join in live?

No. There are obvious benefits to joining us live – the ability to ask questions as they arise, and the promise of making time and showing up for yourself. When you’re with me live I can deliver content specific to your needs – which is my favourite! However, if you can’t make it at the time advertised, you will still receive a recording of the workshop. 

How long does the workshop last?

2 hours (ish)

Do I have to show my face or speak on the video call?

No. No scary on screen appearance required of you! Join me live via Zoom, submit questions and comments in the chat bar.

If you have any other questions, head over to Instagram and drop me a DM, or send me an email [link at the top of the page].