I’ve been mighty quiet lately, I know. Even had a couple of you asking where my emails updates had got to! So sorry. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with day-job-madness to be honest, and in an attempt to keep some of my sanity I had to let some things slide. Which totally didn’t even work as I burnt outanyway.

I got so sick just before Christmas and it took me weeks of alone time to recover. I had a horrible cold virus [some may say three days in bed is flu, but I don’t want to sound dramatic], stomach cramps, and I was totally exhausted.

But really, what did I expect. I had been going full speed since summer and given myself no time to rest. I will spare you the excuses and ‘reasons’ why this happened, of which there are many, and just draw a line under it and move on purposefully.

So! With that in mind, I want to tell you today about all the things I am quitting in 2018.

We spoke about quitting back in September, and why I like it so much. You can read that here if you’ve forgotten or missed it.

Essentially, when you give up something that is no longer serving your highest good, you make space for something new. So this New Year I am quitting…

  • Sugar [again]
  • Alcohol [again]
  • Instagram and Facebook
  • Saying YES to everything
  • Excuses

Sugar and alcohol are old faves of mine to quit. My body really dislikes these substances and I am so much happier when I get them out of my system. But I do often fall back to them…

Instagram and Facebook – now this is an interesting one. I am hoping that by quitting these I will have so much more time for other, more productive, happy, beneficial things… However, I don’t intend to do this forever, just a detox as it were. Going to aim for at least two weeks and then see how I feel…

I say YES to everything! I am keen-as-a-bean to participate in all the things, please all the people, and learn everything I possibly can. Which leads to me burning out a little and getting sick. So, I need to start learning to say no to things. I used to be quite good at this, but since starting a new job [not so new anymore] and having all of these new people in my life to have fun with and learn about, I am finding it hard to keep the balance.

The excuses for not sticking to all of the promises I make myself are also being thrown out. No more BS excuses from me.

This year, my word is Consistency. I am going to show up and be consistent – with my diet, with my wellbeing, with my exercise, with my budgeting, with my emails! I am excited!

I’ve put together a whole structure. It is going to be marvellous! I’ll share that with you too – the structure. You can download the PDF here– I’ll talk you through using it later.

So what are the things I am hoping to gain from quitting all of this stuff?

I am hoping to gain more time – to reflect, to learn, to create, to have fun…

I am going to create fabulous content for you guys weekly, monthly, consistently. I am going to reflect on my achievements and goals weekly and monthly – I hope we can do that together – so that I don’t spend three months blindly, unconsciously running one day to the next until I get sick [looking at you Oct-Dec 2017].

I am going to respect my body and use it better – I started personal training before Christmas and I really love it! So, in true me style, I am going to take it to the next level and get a little obsessed with it, then, historically, lose interest and move on to the next shiny thing that comes my way… But you know CONSISTENCY! It’s going to be a thing this year, so maybe the ‘historically’ part wont feature this time.

However, while I am determined and single minded, I am also coming from a place of love. 

I want to do all of this so that I am deliberate with my choices and actions – ergo deliberate with my life. I am not doing it to punish myself in any way. I am still going to maintain a sense of humour and realism, and hold my hands up when I fail. I don’t expect to quit all of these things forever, nor do I particularly want to. I am approaching all of this, and all things, with an intense curiosity and a fascination about how far I can go, and what I can achieve, while still having fun and feeling good about it!

That is so important.

Having fun and feeling good is the whole point. Being better than I was yesterday, whatever that looks like at the time. And enjoying it, finding fun and happiness in every day.

I’ve been quiet for so long, and I have so much to say about all of this – body positivity, health and diet, the books I’ve been reading, my money story, my career path, my big dreams, my spirituality… I have a lot to share with you guys. But I can’t fit it all into this one little box, so I will try and pace myself [for once] and save some of what I have to say for later.

Hopefully you’re as excited as I am to start 2018 and keep going with this quest to be the best version of ourselves, and create a life that is brimming with love, laughter and fun!

What are you quitting or looking to gain this year?? Please respond and let me know. I love talking to you!

Big love and bright light, Sian xxx