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Guided Gratitude Journaling Practice 

The following audio will guide you through a short meditation and journaling exploration.

The first part (the short meditation) is designed to get you out of your headspace and into your heartspace. Once you’re there, you’re invited to take out your journal and write. You’ll hear a series of questions that prompt you to explore what you’re grateful for, the good things in your life.

My suggestion… grab a cup of tea, stick on some headphones, grab your journal and a pen, and get comfy. When it’s time to write, just write… write and do not stop. Let that pen dance across that page like no one is watching, because they aren’t. This is your time, your space, your page… just write and see what comes up.

Let it flow. Feel it instead of think it. Don’t worry about if it makes sense. Enjoy it for what it is.

There is no right or wrong. It is an exploration. An experiment. A practice. A process.

Embrace the process.

To download the printable journal prompt PDF please click on the image above.

Square Breathing – a Breathing Technique 

The following audio is a simple but very effective breathwork practice. It is something you can use to ‘drop in’ to that inner wisdom, or if you’re in a stressful situation. You can use it alone for meditation, or in a crowded supermarket, or while you’re driving, or if your kids are shouting at you, or if you want to shout at your boss…

It is so versatile you can literally use it any time, any place, and no one will notice. But you will feel infinitely calmer as a result.

It’s called square breathing (or at least that’s what I know it as!) and it goes a little something like this…

I am… Affirmations

The following audio is a set of “I am…” statements that I find empowering and helpful and that make me feel good. And I offer them to you.

I’ve put them on a loop so that they play over and over again for 10 minutes (ish).

You can play this while falling asleep, while walking in nature, while travelling to work… whenever you like. Whatever feels good for you.

You can also create your own! You can record your own affirmations on your phone and play it on repeat. Or you can learn them off by heart. Learn a few and repeat them over and over to myself, throughout the day, and on long walks.

It’s remarkable how quickly you start to believe the “I am…” statements you repeat over and over again.

And saying them out loud is even better… you can practice using your voice by repeating these affirmations along with me. It’s really powerful to give them extra vibration using your voice. You could even look at yourself in the mirror and say them out loud too.

Go on, give it a try, see how you feel afterwards.


The follow PDFs are designed to be printed and scribbled on. You can use them time and again.

Click the images to download the printable PDF.

The Tracker is a kind of habit tracker (if you’ve heard of those) but I hate the word habit… so I don’t like to call it that. I use it to track my behaviours, activities and moods, in order to observe my cycle, and the moon cycle… it’s an observation practice, an exploration of how I feel each month. Our hormone cycles and the moon cycle affects us – we ebb and flow in relation to these cycles. I also find my social energy ebbs and flows in relation to these cycles too, and so does my anxiety and my general mood. In tracking my behaviours, feelings and activities, I can notice patterns which help me to predict my ebbing and flowing a little better.

For example, I know my social energy is lower around the new moon, and this is when my period usually comes. So I try not to organise big social events or over crowd my calendar.

You’ll find out so much about yourself from this practice – it’s so insightful.

The Highlight Reel

This is simply a place for you to record one positive thing from your day – a highlight! You can use it in a million different ways. You can keep it simple and just write down the first thing that you think of as a highlight as you’re going to bed. Or you can use it to record highlights from specific aspects of your life – like a highlight reel for your job, or your relationship, or your friendships, or your finances… You can use it however you want to.

Personally I love to keep it simple. But you’ll find what you love.

AND it’s a beautiful way of keeping a record of your life. You can look back over these sheets and see all the wonderful things you’ve written down.

Waiting in the Darkness

Life is not all roses. Sometimes it’s deep, and dark, and shit.

You can’t always be the blossom. Sometimes you’re at the seed phase, buried and in darkness. And that’s ok. That’s normal.

Plants cycle like this all the time. Flowers do not bloom all year round. Daffodils spend a lot of time underground. They go from bulb, to root, to shoot, to leaf, to bud, to flower, and back down again… their sunny little faces die and their green stems wither, and they go back underground to start all over again.

And we are no different. We go through phases. Sometimes we have sunny little faces and we blossom, and other times we are deep, and dark, and underground.

The important thing is that when we are in darkness we must remember the cycle, we must remember that this darkness is necessary and that blossom follows… because it always does, if we hold on long enough.

It’s the lotus flower… no mud, no lotus… without the soil and the dirt and the darkness, there is no lotus flower.

It’s the Mexican proverb – “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

It’s the Anais Nin poem – “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

When I am really in darkness, and the gratitude practice just isn’t cutting it, I get really still, and really quiet, and I feel into the darkness.

I breathe. I open up my heart. And I feel it all.

And I cry.

I let it flow out of me.

I like to listen to Shamanic music on Spotify and meditate to the rhythm of the music and my breath. I often count my breath in for six, and out for six… in and out, in and out… I have my eyes shut but they are focused, almost like looking at the inside of my eyelids, waiting to see what might appear on the screen in front of me – what my soul may reveal to me.

I relax all of the muscles in my body, from my temples to my toes.

And when I am ready, I gently open my eyes, and I write.

I put my pen on that page and I write.

It doesn’t always make sense when I read it back, but it doesn’t matter. I get out of my head, and into my heart, and I let it out onto the page.

Sometimes I write letters to people. Letters I know I will never send. Sometimes I write letters to myself. Sometimes they are about forgiveness. Sometimes they are about letting go. Sometimes they are angry. Sometimes they are sad. Sometimes they are to people who I’ve just met. And sometimes they are to people that left my life years ago.

It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is the process. The pouring of heart on to page. The releasing of the pain, without judgement.

When I’m finished, sometimes I read them over and over and sob until I cannot cry any more. Sometimes I never read them again, not even once.

And then I burn them. When I feel I am done with them, I burn them. Because then it’s gone from me and gone from the page. And I know no one can ever read them that way.

Those pages are mine. They’re my process. And as part of that process, I want to let go of them.

Sometimes I soak the ink off the pages in the bath with me. Sometimes I rip them into a million tiny pieces.

Sometimes, rarely, they stay in my notebook.

The point is, I do what I want to with those pages. I do what feels right and I don’t question myself. I just do what I want. I do what feels good to me.

And that’s ok. That’s perfect.

You can do whatever you want to do, too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Mini Rewilding Toolkit and found the explorations here helpful. 

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