Howl & Blossom Facebook Community

Howl & Blossom Facebook Community :: The Wild Woman’s Homecoming

This is a place for us to gather – the digital ‘clearing in the woods’ if you will [one day to be a literal clearing in the woods, but one step at a time eh]. This is a space for us to come together and witch about men [I’m joking, no man hating, I just really wanted to use that pun]. It’s a safe space for us to learn and heal and grow – an opportunity for us to support each other in our journeys in this lifetime [maybe we’ve been here together before?] and collaborate and celebrate in the healing of wounds that are potentially generations deep.

If you relate to the Anais Nin poem:

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk is took to blossom”

then this space is for you.

We will howl and blossom together.

If you understand that spending time outside with the trees and Mother Nature makes you feel inexplicably taken care of, then this space is for you.

If you’ve ever had a really intense day, looked to the sky to realise it’s a full moon, and rolled your eyes as if to say “well duh”, then this space is for you.

If your idea of magic is to light a candle, say a prayer, and sink into meditation for ten minutes, then this space is for you.

If you know the power of mantra, and your phone wallpaper is your latest version of “I am good enough“, this space is for you.

If your idea of God is a woman emitting light with a glass jar in her hand saying “bury this under the oldest oak tree in your garden”, then this space is for you.

If you respect the transformative power of fire, and throw letters you’ve written into the flames, casting out feelings of abandonment and coming home to yourself, then this space is for you.

If you covet crystals, and grow herbs. If you cook food that nourishes your soul and others. If you are in love with the wonder of nature and all she provides. If you can feel the Universe guiding you and hear her whispering in your ear.

If you love to walk barefoot in the grass under a full moon, or swim naked in wild waters. If your idea of home is green rolling hills and canopies of leaves. If the ocean calls your name and sun kisses your face when it graces the sky.

Then this space is for you.


Bring your friends.