Howl & Blossom is a soul deep monthly subscription that supports you in reclaiming your wild soul, nurturing your innate wisdom, and connecting with other like-hearted women. 

What to expect

Howl & Blossom is a collection of tools that will support you in rediscovering yourself, and coming home to who you truly are.

It’s a quietly wild space, a genuine space, a transparent and safe space. It’s a creative space, free from distractions, focused solely on respectful, loving exchanges; gentle but profound explorations; evolution of self and community; revolution of thought and ‘the norm’.

A space that really makes you feel seen and heard for who you are. A space that nourishes those parts of you that society largely undervalues – the yin side; the introverted side; the seeds of your explorations; the messy chaos of the process of becoming; the beautiful uncertainty of the journey.

It’s a space that honours your journey as you walk (and sometimes crawl) the meandering path home to yourself. A space that lets you gently grow roots from the seeds you are planting within yourself. A space that allows you to poke your head out of the darkness and sprout up from those seeds, in your own time. A space that allows you to blossom.

I invite you to join our space, our community, so that we may journey home to ourselves, and grow together.


Nurture your innate wisdom and inner guidance.

Co-create your life from a place of deep knowing.

Gain the confidence to show up in the world as your true self.

Better understand and work with your own cyclical nature.

Explore your inner voice.

Journey home to yourself at your own pace.

How it works

Each New Moon you’ll receive a video introducing the theme for the moon cycle, a guided audio meditation and journaling prompts to help you connect more deeply with the theme and yourself. Each Full Moon will see another guided meditation and further journaling prompts to help you begin to build rituals around the moon cycle. 

This is all hosted in a private online community space [not Facebook] that will allow you to download the materials, share your explorations, and connect with each other.

This is for you if…

You feel taken care of when you spend time outside and connect with Nature

Your idea of magic is to light a candle, say a prayer, and sink into meditation for ten minutes

You use the Full Moon to explain your lunacy

You respect the transformative power of fire, and throw letters you’ve written into the flames

You covet crystals, and grow herbs

You pour potions and salts into your baths, and demand to be left alone for hours as you soak

Welcome. You’ve found us. You’re home.

A Closer Look

We explore themes such as power, generosity, devotion, pleasure, self-love, creativity, commitment, romance, family, wealth, communication, fears, ambitions, freedom, jealousy, balance, bravery, service to others, spontaneity, domestic life…

Below are some examples the existing Circles that are available to you instantly.

Revitalising the Village

Exploring our community values and our relationship to our village/community, what that means, what it looks like now, and what we hope and dream of for the future.

Returning Home

Exploring our ideas of ‘home’ and our relationships to it – from planet Earth, to our physical dwellings, to our human bodies… what home means to us, our responsibilities to it, and its responsibilities to us.

Reclaiming Joy

Exploring what brings us joy, what value joy holds in our communities and our lives, our relationship with joy, how we might bring more joy into our lives.

Join Howl & Blossom

Get instant access to existing Moon Circles (video) from previous months, as well as journaling prompts, guided meditations (audio), and printable tools to help you track and explore your monthly cycles, feelings and behaviours. 

The exchange is $7.99 [USD] per month, cancel any time.

Who I am and why I created this project


Hello, I’m Sian, and I’m a wild woman.

To me, wild means authentic, true, and connected with nature. It means freedom. It’s not having to conform. It’s showing up in the world exactly as I am, and being loved regardless because of it. It’s being courageous and honest, both in the darkness and in the light, when it’s easy and when it’s hard. It’s following my intuition instead of the lists of shoulds and musts that are imposed upon us.

I’m regularly told that I’m brave. But I rarely feel brave. I’m just doing what my inner guidance tells me to do, whether or not it makes sense to the external world. Sometimes that requires moments of insane courage, but with practice, the feeling of insanity wears off.

A few years ago I found myself restricted under the weight of anxiety and depression, and after a year of medication I made some pretty significant changes in my life.

That was the beginning of my homecoming. And I’ve been journeying home to myself ever since.

I want you to journey with me.

It took me a long time to learn that progress isn’t linear, and that the most important things in life are a practice, not a destination. A continual ebbing and flowing; a constant journeying away and returning; a cycle.

I created this project to honour that cycle. To provide a space that I really needed a few chapters back in my story, but I couldn’t quite find. A cyclical, yin energy, gentle, community space that I so craved for so long.

I’ve wanted to gift this space to other women for such a long time. It’s an expression of love. A place to honour the divinity in each of us. A place to redefine ourselves, and discover our many faces and phases, with the Moon as our guide.

This is a place for us to gather – the digital ‘clearing in the woods’ if you will. It’s a safe space for us to learn and heal and grow; an opportunity for us to support each other in this lifetime [maybe we’ve been here together before?]; an invitation to collaborate and celebrate in the healing of wounds that are potentially generations deep.

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk is took to blossom” – Anais Nin

This space is for you. We will howl and blossom together.


How much time do I need to dedicate each month to this community?

To get the most out of the Circles, I suggest you allow at least an hour and a half of Muggle time each New Moon and Full Moon. But there is plenty more to engage with in the community outside of that. 

That said, it’s not about the length of Muggle time you spend, it’s more about the quality of the time you spend. Creating a distraction free environment is the most important part. Sit down with intention, allow yourself the space, gift yourself the time, and you’ll reap the benefits.  

Switch off the TV. Log out of Facebook and Instagram. Connect with the Community instead. You’ll feel instantly better for it.

Do I need an existing meditation and/or journaling practice?

Not at all. I’ll guide you through each meditation and breathing exercise. It’s a practice. Sometimes you’ll find it easy to drop in and other times you’ll find it more difficult. As with everything, the journey isn’t linear. 

Journaling is just giving yourself space to write down what comes up for you in response to the prompts – it’s allowing yourself to explore your feelings with compassion, without judgement, safe in the knowledge that no one need ever know what you write unless you choose to share it. And if you do choose to share it, we will honour that with compassion and lack of judgement too. 

We’ve got your back.

Do I need any special tools or equipment to take part?

Not at all. All you need is a smart phone or laptop, internet access, a pen and some paper.

You can develop your toolkit as your exploration develops, if you so wish. You will naturally be drawn to some things more than others.

I use Oracle Cards and Tarot lightly, I love candles and glass jars, I have a few crystals, and I like burning sage and lavender sometimes (but only if it’s homegrown by myself or my mumma). I personally don’t use a fancy journal, or crystal grids, or anything complicated. I usually just sit with headphones on and a notepad… 

The journey home is about your inner world, not the things you own. 

The things you own will only bring magic into your life if you pour your own magic into them to begin with. Amazon Prime cannot deliver your inner guidance – blissfully, you already own that.

There are no shoulds or musts here babe, use what you like and leave the rest.

Do I need to do the practices on the day of the New Moon or Full Moon, or can I do them anytime?

The energy of the moon, the waxing and waning, the ebbing and flowing, the pushing and pulling… it influences us. It isn’t a hard and fast rule. It’s a guide. It’s gentle. 

If you can’t sit down on the day of the New Moon or Full Moon to do your practice with us you have not failed, or missed your chance. You can do it whenever you feel called to do so. That’s why I’ve recorded them and posted them in the Community space for you to access any time. 


That said, there is a wonderful magic in aligning with the moon cycle, and I invite you to explore that. But no pressure. You do you.

Why the cycles of the moon?

Everything in nature cycles – the planets, the seasons, the days, the plants, migrating birds and animals, life and death, the moon, our hormones… Working with natural cycles is how we get our best food, our nourishment, how we reproduce, how we heal, how we grow… 

In the entirety of human history, we’ve followed the natural cycles. We’ve been deeply connected to nature for survival. It was in our interests to track them. Only in very recent times, about 3% of the whole of human existence, have we rejected that notion and become more sterile in our culture – disconnected from nature and cycles. We are taught that everything is linear, even time (which is measured using the cycle of the earth around the Sun) is expressed as a linear thing. We spend exceptional proportions of time inside and honouring the linear – ‘always on’, must do more, only ‘switch off’ for a nominal amount of time – approach to life. Which to be honest just doesn’t work for me – particularly as a woman. I need time each month to be quiet and still, as well as time to expand and be loud in the world. 

I connect deeply with cycles. And I’ve found great comfort and wisdom in tracking the moon cycle in alignment with my own cycles. 

It isn’t a hard and fast rule, unlike ‘on’ or ‘off’. It’s softer, gentler and more nuanced. 

I love the way the moon is forever changing, and yet also constant. She is reliable even though She fluctuates. I relate to that.

And She commands the tides, and my human body is 70% water… there’s some magic there.

There is a time and a place for all things. And tracking the moon cycles reminds me of that, and connects me with the ebbing and flowing of life and energy. It is a constant reminder of change. She reminds me that there are several expressions of the same thing – that you yourself can be the same and yet different, constant and yet changing. She reminds me that there is power in flexibility, that rest is as important as action, and that beauty takes many forms. 

She is my guide, and She has taught me to honour and embrace all of my phases.

We are forever changing. Everything is temporary. Yet permanent. 

That is where the magic is. 

Why do you not have a Facebook Group?

I intentionally created the Howl & Blossom Community using Mighty Networks, instead of Facebook. There are still all of the benefits of a Facebook Group but without any of the downsides.

Facebook Groups just do not feel like this space does. They’re cluttered, noisy, overpopulated and focus too heavily on selling you something.  I wanted to build a space that we could truly co-create and co-habit together – without an algorithm getting in the way and manipulating the conversation. 

It was a feeling I had at first – that Facebook wasn’t the right place for this project – even though that went against all the online marketing gurus’ advice. But it just didn’t feel right. Eventually I could articulate why, and then I found a solution. 

Mighty Networks provides a space where we can all have profiles, and share content. We can still communicate via chat, comment, and ‘cheer’ (‘like’) each other’s posts. We can organise events, and write updates. It even has a mobile app! But it is private, it is ours, and we don’t get distracted and end up in a cat video vortex. (Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cat video, but there’s a time and a place). 

I know it may seem like yet another log in, but once you’ve downloaded the app and saved your password to your laptop browser, there’s no need to log in each time. Simples!