One of the hardest things is knowing what you want.

Really truly knowing what you really truly want.

We get caught up in the hows and the what-ifs, and somewhere along the way our dreams and ambitions turn into excuses and our cans turn into can’ts.

As kids we don’t have much self-doubt. We play-pretend and dream and make-believe. We can be a knight one minute and an aeroplane the next. We can put on a dress and team it with wellies, and we are congratulated on every splodge of paint or scribble we ever create.

But as we get closer to adulthood we start to receive messages of doubt. We get told we can’t do or be things. We fail at things, we get rejected, and increasingly we let fear govern our choices. One day we wake up, older, in a job we hate, playing with spreadsheets when we’d rather be playing with paint.

But don’t despair! THERE IS STILL TIME! You can start dreaming again RIGHT NOW.

The best way to kick yourself into living is to imagine dying.

Morbid aren’t I?! But really, it works. Imagine that you only have 12 months left to live. Imagine that this is your last year on earth. What do you want to do?

What do you WANT to do?

What do you want?

Make a list. Write it all down. All your big, wild, crazy ambitions. All the dreams you want to fulfil during your time left on earth.

Do not censor yourself. This list is for you. No one else needs to see it if you don’t want them to. You can write down exactly what you want.

If you hear a little voice inside your head saying that you can’t do something, or can’t afford something, or wont have the time for it, or any form of negative speech about why you should not want that dream, or will not ever live that dream, kindly ask your negative committee to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP, ‘cause you’re busy dreaming.

Write down all those wild wishes and do not stop until you have gotten them all down on paper.

At this stage you do not have to know HOW or WHY you want to do these things, you just have to know WHAT you want to do.

If the 12 month deadline to death doesn’t work for you, change it up. If you’d rather imagine a shorter or longer timeline, then absolutely do that.

This is your life my love, I am not here to prescribe how long you’re going to spend living your dreams!

Setting intentions is powerful. Especially when it is in your own handwriting. There’s some psychology behind seeing your dreams written down in your own handwriting – chances are that you’re more likely to achieve them when you write them out by hand. 

In fact, I have set intentions before, written them down, put them away and forgotten about them, only to later find them and realise I had unconsciously set out to achieve what I had written down.

The power of your mind! The power of your dreams!

Set your intentions. Write down your dreams, goals and ambitions. Even if you don’t know yet how you’re going to achieve them. Even if they seem HUGE and crazy and beyond your current capabilities.

You can learn to do anything. You can have whatever you want. You just have to get clear on what it is you want first, and the rest will follow.

Obviously it helps to also explore why and how you’re going to achieve those dreams. But the first step is to get clear on what you want.

I am an expert in helping people to figure out what they want and how to get it. You can find all sorts of free resources in my Transformation Resource Library and there are additional tools over in my Etsy shop that help with action planning and goal setting. Go and check them out!

Call to creativity

Why not create a dream jar? Write down all your dreams and ambitions on post-it notes, fold them up and put them in a jar. If you love arts and crafts like me, you might also want to decorate your dream jar!

Share pictures of your dream jars and intention setting on Instagram with the hashtag #miraclemindsetchallenge

You absolutely have the power to live your dreams! But the first step in living them is working out what they really are.