So here we are, back in Lanta.

This time, instead of the beach bungalows we went for a more budget option hostel.

The first impression was great. I mean, we had come from a cockroach infested, Dark Magic harbouring, scary, drugged up Phi Phi… so anything would have been an improvement on that really.

The air con was restricted but we were ok with that. We spent the day time outside anyway. The hostel was new so it had that benefit too. But we didn’t have a fridge, or access to one [quite difficult when one of the very few things you can eat from 7/11 is yogurt]. The bathroom wasn’t air conditioned at all and had no windows, and the whole front of the building was made of glass… so while the locals were dressed in jeans and not batting an eyelid, us Brits were pouring with sweat. [It’s 5 degrees at home babe, don’t roll your eyes when we say it’s hot today!]

We had two days left together. So once we’d settled in, we went to the beach and wandered up and down, had a little dip in the sea, then remembered how impossible it was with the rocks, and got out again.

We were desperate for some shade, so we found a beach bar and sat down and got a drink, and another… and we ended up spending the evening making our way back down the beach via various bars. It was super fun!

There was some flame throwing entertainment at one point which was quite impressive, and ultimately rather dangerous. One of the men had a bandage on his arm, and I couldn’t help thinking that a) he’d burnt himself on the job, and b) he probably shouldn’t be playing with gasoline and fire with a flammable bandage wrapped around his forearm… But we had some fun in that cringe drunk British tourist way, gave them a tip and moved on.

We got home at a reasonable hour to our quiet, air conditioned dorm, and had a sleep.

It was pretty perfect to be honest.

The next day however, less than perfect.

We went to get some lunch at a nearby vegetarian restaurant and then headed out for the day.

I was too bloody hot. We went in search of shade. It was hard to find. The hostel was so hot during the day that it was actually cooler outside in the sun!

So we brazenly walked into the next door hotel’s pool and sat under a sun umbrella. One of the guests, a woman, came to help us as we couldn’t work the umbrella [idiots], but her husband was less welcoming. He clocked [as I am sure she did] that we did not belong there. He said we could get our towels from reception. So I said it was too far to be bothered to go down there. She didn’t seem at all bothered about us being there, but he was put out and made us uncomfortable so we left after 30 minutes.

Still seeking shade.

We went down to the beach and hoped we could find some there. I was feeling quite sick after lunch and I really needed to cool down. But it was proving to be quite impossible.

I felt less and less well. And couldn’t work out if it was heat stroke or what…

Well fast forward a couple of hours to about 9pm and we discovered it was indeed food poisoning.

For the second time in 2 weeks.

From a vegetarian restaurant.

I was in a shared bathroom, no air con, in a toilet cubicle that was dark because they hadn’t put enough light fittings in when they built it. Sweating, with D&V.

On the plus side, as I’d learnt some lessons from before, I had two spare rolls of toilet paper in my bag!

But as plus sides go, that was the only one.

I text Banana, who was in the bedroom, saying “the vomiting has started” and she replied “I know, I can hear you”. Excellent. The entire hostel could hear me in that case.

I was fuming.

I ate vegetarian food and still got sick!!

No one who came into the bathroom asked if I was ok though. Someone helpfully shut the main door, presumably because they didn’t want to hear me. But as there were no windows in the room, that didn’t help me very much.

Banana didn’t. But she made a good point that my digestive system was likely still trying to recover from the last horrific bout of food poisoning, and therefore my stomach was probably much more sensitive than hers.

I think the restaurant must have used tap water for something.

Banana left Thailand the next day. I checked out of that hostel and booked a private room with air con and a fridge, back in the bungalows we stayed in previously.

It was the first time I had been alone for three weeks.

It. Was. Glorious.

[Except the wifi was shit, and I shared my room with ants and a gecko. But I guess you can’t have everything…]

I’d made a friend in Aonang who ended up in Lanta shortly after we did. So a couple of days after Banana left, KH and I hired a bike and went to explore the island. It was such a fab day!

We found paradise! At last! Perfect beach. Quiet AF. Sandy. Swimmable. No jellyfish. No rubbish. No sewage!! It was so lovely! One of the best days of the past three and a half weeks!