Ok guys, daily posting was obviously a stretch too far for me! I apologise. But I’m here now, better late than never… maybe?!

So what’s changed… Well, there have been several conversations about my new dietary requirements and all go along the lines of:

Friend/Colleague/Passer by: “Oh my god. That’s awful. Poor you! How did you find out?”
Me: “Well, I went to see this woman and I held this metal baton in one hand and she found an acupuncture point in the other hand and this machine told me all I needed to know.”
Friend/Colleague/Passer by: *Skeptical face. Slight pause.* “So you didn’t go and see a doctor or have a blood test?”
Me: “No. I tried that and got no where. I’m not dying so the doctors have more important things to worry about.”
Friend/Colleague/Passer by: “Right. So… It’s not real then?”
Me: “Well I don’t know as I can’t entirely explain the whole thing, all I know is that it’s worked for me! So that is real enough for my standards.”

Quite hilarious really. Of course, as I work with plenty of clinical people, at first I took on board their scepticism – I mean, if you’re telling me that sugar isn’t a real allergy/intolerance and when people have sugar allergies they get REALLY unwell and can’t keep any weight on (certainly not my problem!), I am going to say “Well, alright then! Let’s do this! Pass me the sugar!” However, after my initial dabble with a ginger oatcake containing said sugar, I soon resorted to “AHHH NO! GET THAT SUGAR AWAY! IT HURTS!” Anyone would think I was a wicked witch of some sort. (Maybe I should look into that as a new vocation.)

I have to say, I am not as organised as you might hope. When it comes to cooking, I am not a big fan. And when it comes to food shopping, I simply hate it. Although the ocado man saves me that trouble, I still need to put my order in, and often this is left until we don’t have any food left. Which results in poor choices being made.

Twosday at pizza hut… gluten free delivery… well go on then, as I don’t have any cheese left in the fridge, I suppose I best order it in! Cracking. Except for a day and a half afterwards I was rather disgusting and uncomfortable. I can only assume sugar was to blame. I have to say, once you’d cut something out, the reaction when your gut meets it again is somewhat more dramatic than it was before hand. Thanks for that, gut. Lovely.

So no more pizza hut for me.

On the plus side, all the British berries are a bit lush at the moment. I am not normally a lover of the raspberry, but right now they’re a daily delight! And the strawberries! I still don’t particularly like blackberries, but you can’t win them all.

I encourage you all to try some British berries that you don’t normally partake in. You might be wonderfully surprised!