I woke up at 9am! There was some internal discussion before bed about how I ought to sleep in in the morning, and also another internal reminder when I woke up at 7am again. Not because I needed the sleep you understand, mainly because I am lazy! And I was having an odd dream that I wished to continue (the kind that seems normal at the time, and then when you awake it was all a bit Alice in Wonderland!)

Breakfast was a glorious natural yoghurt and mango pieces. Thank you Ocado man! Though this will be my breakfast for the rest of the week so I better think up something new that I like before I get sick of it. I do have some rather solid looking millet bread I could smother in marmite at some point. But I am not holding out too much hope for that.

Lunch was made for me by the birthday girl, HB. Jacket potato, tuna and cheese. Egg free mayo did its duty! Though I was too scared to actually taste it on its own. We had a little gossip, I ate two nakd bars on account of it being HB’s birthday. I can gladly report that the chocolate orange one far surpasses the mint chocolate one.

I came home to find Lee playing PlayStation (shocking!) and when he finally put down the headset and the controller, he told me a delightful story of how it took him two hours to travel a 20 minute journey due to his car overheating every 5 minutes and him having to STOP! (Dashboard says stop. You must obey.) So I am currently in the process of trying to persuade him he should buy a Kia Sportage and he can drive my car… and I can drive the big shiny new car… He is less enthusiastic about this than I am.

Dinner was stir fry with rice noodles. Though I forgot to prepare some mushrooms, and the sauce had sugar in it. Additionally, I had no quorn chicken pieces as they have egg in them, and Sam and Ella are still partying in my gut. So it was less pleasing than my jacket potato feast but it did the job.

First proper day of office job sugar free heaven tomorrow… Let’s see how this goes down.