I woke up at 7.30am. It is a Sunday. This is unheard of! After not falling asleep until gone midnight I am awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed, at 7.30am on a Sunday. Well. Who’d have thought it! Usually I sleep in til around 11am if I have no place to go, and Lee (my long suffering boyfriend) quietly leaves me to it and plays PlayStation. I hate the PlayStation. So this suits us both. “Except now,” he complains, “You are awake!! This ruins everything!” [Charming!]

“I think I might be getting quite a lot more done in a day now I have tapped into this wheat free sugar free energy!” I say. “Yeah,” he says, “Maybe you could get more done around the house!” He cowers after this. But we both know he is right, so he goes unpunished. He has done a lot of the housekeeping lately as I have been so busy and tired all the time. Which of course means that the flat is a total mess as his definition of cleaning is not quite the same as mine. But still, he’s done his share and I haven’t.

We went out for Sunday lunch today to somewhere new. Now, those that know me know that I am a creature of habit. And by that I mean I like to go to the same places to eat and I have my favourite dish and I know the menu inside out (except the meat parts). So dinner in those places has already been planned out in my head and I pretty much know how I am going to play it next time I visit one of my favourite hang outs.

Today, I did not choose the pub we went to for lunch. Which meant that I did not know the menu inside out and, for the first time since being told ‘no wheat, no sugar’, I had to ask the waitress for help.

You can see the look on her face change as she holds her breath slightly and hopes to goodness that there is something in their kitchen that I can/will eat.

She starts by stating the specials and running us through what they have and have not got today. Then as she makes to leave, I pipe up with “well, erm, I can’t have wheat and I am pescetarian… [Yep, I used the pescy word.] So I might need a little help please.”  Her breathing pauses as everyone round the table is mainly looking at her, no doubt partly in moral support of me and partly in sympathy for the waitress. Also partly hoping to goodness that there is something in their kitchen that I can/will eat.

I am such a pain in the arse.

I try to make it easy by narrowing it down and choosing two dishes from the menu that I know I will like and go from there – “are your roast potatoes vegetarian and are your sweet potato fries wheat free?” She of course has to go and ask the chef.

Now, I love roast dinner and as they advertise a vegetarian alternative (nut roast) one would assume their potatoes were also cooked without the fat from a poor dead goose. Not so. No potatoes for me. No sweet potato fries either. Dam. Oh well, normal chips are a good alternative I guess. So I have pan fried sea bass, veg, and chips. Fab.

Despite the embarrassment, and apparent lack of pescywheatarians around these parts, I had a really nice meal. And no cheese!

Pudding of course was absolutely heartbreaking. Crumble with custard, chocolate mousse, lemon meringue pie, ice cream… Nothing for me. Stupid sugar.

However, the Ocado man did bring me all I asked for, including egg free mayonnaise. AND I ate a Nakd chocolate mint bar and actually liked it! I mean, let’s not pretend, it doesn’t have *bleep* on chocolate, but I can live with it…