This morning I covered a charity event (I say ‘covered’ – I am a photographer, starting out in self employment, while still holding down an office job. I am always tired.) It was pretty wonderful and I saw some new and old friends which was lovely.

I was very aware that I needed to eat before leaving the house as the chances of finding anything suitable on the high street was slim (mostly, at this stage, I hope, due to my lack of knowledge on what I can and cannot consume).

Two babybells and a packet of cheese oatcakes.

I can see a pattern emerging here…

I got home around lunchtime.

Wheat free pasta covered in cheese.

Yes, definite pattern.

Now, the past year has been rather tough for me (cry me a river) so, quite ashamedly, I have eaten my way through it and have increased in size, considerably. (The picture on this site predates the supersize-me.) If I cut out wheat and sugar and do not lose any weight it is going to be because of cheese. I cannot continue on this glorious cheesey path, I must find alternatives.

So Ocado took a bashing this afternoon and will bring me my various weird and wonderful food stuffs tomorrow night. The most anticipated of which will be my egg free mayonnaise. God help the delivery driver if they do not present me with egg free mayonnaise. My tuna and potato salads depend on it.

On a very positive note, I am no longer tired! After two days I can feel my body’s sigh of relief. I can almost hear it saying “thank GOODNESS she finally stopped shovelling all that wheat and sugar into me. I had to work SO hard to fight that shit!” I mean, I ate wheat and sugar every day. And eggs. Cereal, sandwiches, chocolate. Every. Day. No wonder I was dead on my feet most of the time. I might even start exercising! …

Well, let’s not get carried away, eh.