No wheat. No sugar. No eggs. No breakfast.

Well, I really didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast. So that sucked.

I worked through my morning at the office job. Desk bound. Knowing that even when the sandwich man drove up I would still be hungry. At midday I took myself down to the supermarket in town and picked up whatever I could think of to stave my hunger and give me something for my dinner.

My shopping list was as follows:
Wheat free pasta
Oatcakes – plain
Oatcakes – cheese flavoured
Nakd chocolate orange bar
Mango pieces

I felt pretty accomplished, until I went through the checkout and realised all I had bought was cheese and biscuits! Dam. This is going to be harder than I thought.

I did have a look at wheat free bread, but all of the variation on the shelf had sugar and egg in them.

Unable to cook the pasta at work, and wanting something a little more than crackers for lunch after breakfast was a no-show, I headed to the cafe for a jacket potato. My usual order would have been tuna mayo and cheese… Well since I can’t have eggs I will settle for just cheese. The guy in the shop repeated “just cheese” to me twice while taking my order, once while preparing it and once again when handing it to me. Yes mate, just cheese, I know, I am living a sad existence right now, rub it in why don’t you.

But at least I have cheese…