One of the very first things I did when I started my journey to recovery and got serious about my mental health was curate my newsfeed.

Social media is powerful. We all know that what you read shapes your mind, and this isn’t limited to books, it’s blogs, social media and video content too. Often we scroll unconsciously to numb painful or uncomfortable feelings – to avoid feeling awkward or talking to strangers, to try to find connection when we are lonely. Sometimes we do it consciously too – to try to find people like us so that we don’t feel so alone in the world. 

Changing your mindset and staying mentally healthy is about practice – as with everything! So a drip drip drip effect from social media is really effective over time. This means that if you don’t purposefully curate your newsfeed then the drip drip drip effect over time will likely have a negative impact. But if you are purposeful with who you follow and unfollow, then the drip drip drip effect can add up to positive waves!

On the point of unfollowing – get rid of those energy draining people, or those people that make you feel shit about yourself. That account you follow for ‘fitspo’ [fitness inspiration] does it really inspire you or does it just make you feel shit that you don’t look like that? It took me a little while to realise that the female body builders I was following did not light a fire in my soul, but made feel like I wasn’t good enough. So I unfollowed them. 

I’ve also blocked people in the past. Not because they were nasty to me on social media, or because I didn’t want them to see what I was doing – after all, my accounts are public and I don’t post anything I wouldn’t want anyone else to see [that would be bonkers]. But I blocked them because seeing their name come up on my story views and picture likes made me sad. It didn’t ignite a fire in my heart, it didn’t make me feel good, so I blocked them. 

It’s your life. It’s your social media account. Do with it what is most productive for you and your mental health.

Before we get going on the list of Instagram accounts that I LOVE to follow, I have another little tip for you! On the topic of the drip drip drip effect, another fab resource is Notes from The Universe. These little notes get delivered to your inbox daily, straight to your email, and they really make a huge difference over time. They’re inspiring and wonderful and help you to change your attitude and thought processes. I really recommend them and you can sign up here.

So! My top accounts for Instagram! I’ve divided them into topics to help you navigate them better, because the list is long!


These accounts will lift up your newsfeed generally. They are quotes or positive posts that are not strongly linked to one topic or another, but will do wonders for your soul. 

  1. Global Positive News
  2. The Higher Self
  3. Fuckology Official
  4. Dr Rebecca Ray
  5. Samantha King Holmes
  6. Russell Brand
  7. Deepak Chopra
  8. Louise Hay Affirmations
  9. Gaby Writes
  10. Tanya Markul
  11. Thug Unicorn
  12. Life Logics
  13. We Are Spiritual
  14. The Good Quote
  15. Peace Love Light
  16. Mind Body Green
  17. J M Storm Quotes
  18. You Are Luminous
  19. Think Grow Prosper
  20. Global Citizen
  21. Spirit Science
  22. The Dharma Circle
  23. Happi Habits
  24. Positive Energy Plus
  25. We Are Soul Sparks
  26. Jenna Galbut
  27. Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life

Spirit Junkie, Goddess, Wonderful Witchy Magic

You probably know I love a bit of magic! These accounts talk all things planets, the moon cycle, spirituality, astrology, crystals, and are just wonderfully healing in the best ways that I know. We are all part of nature, and nature is part of us, so it makes sense to me to work with the moon cycles, natural cycles, planets and plants. It’s just my rhythm and how I roll. If you do too, then these accounts will light you up! 

  1. Soul Shine Astrology
  2. The Intrepid Goddess
  3. The Voluptuous Witch
  4. Goddess Provisions
  5. Spirit Daughter
  6. Moonology
  7. The Goddess Circle Ara
  8. Rebecca Wilson
  9. Crystal Clear Guidance
  10. Oracle of your Soul
  11. Priestess Goddess
  12. Wild Soul Healing
  13. The Numinous
  14. Psychic Jemma

Body Positivity and Body Politics

Remember those ‘fitspo’ accounts I spoke about earlier? Well I replaced them with these, and they make me feel so much happier. I can relate to these accounts. I am all about the realness – the photoshopped posts that are all over the place make me feel inadequate, and these accounts are there to combat that. They also educate – your mind works best when it is open, and I know that being a white, cis woman means that my experiences are not reflective of everybody’s, and I’d like to better understand the experiences of others so that I can be a better member of society. Following accounts that help educate me on diversity is one way I strive to achieve this.

  1. Body Posi Panda
  2. iWeigh
  3. Ashley Graham
  4. Your Fat Friend
  5. Sunday Morning View
  6. Own It Babe
  7. Breast Implant Illness
  8. The Unedit
  9. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust


I am reclaiming that word. This is a short list [although arguably all of the accounts in this post are in some way feminist.] Jameela Jamil is the founder of iWeigh [above] and she does her best to include all sections of feminism in her posts – all female bodies and experiences – to create a better world to live in. She is bossing it at the moment, definitely worth a follow. 

We Are Man Enough is working hard to combat the toxic masculinity that weighs us all down and is unhealthy for both men and women together. 

  1. Jameela Jamil
  2. We Are Man Enough


I love keeping up with the experiences of motherhood in an honest way. Barmy Mummy does just that – she talks about mental health and motherhood, as well as posting pictures that wouldn’t ordinarily make the highlight reel. She’s keeping it real and it’s refreshing. 

Jenna Kutcher recently became a mumma after a long journey of a heartbreak. She’s also the original Goal Digger and a very successful female entrepreneur and photographer.

  1. Barmy Mummy
  2. Jenna Kutcher

The Planet

I am big of the environment – my friend once bought me a pin badge that said ‘say no to straws’. I am keen on reducing single use plastic consumption, and I find it inspiring to follow accounts who are doing good in the world by protecting our planet. National Geographic is in there for obvious reasons, but they also provide me with a respite from the usual social media selfie – I’ve only listed one of their accounts here but there are plenty if you like to look at beautiful pictures of the planet!

  1. Non Plastic Straw
  2. 2 minute Beach Clean
  3. Kittie Kipper
  4. Know The Origin
  5. Green Cane Paper
  6. How Many Elephants
  7. National Geographic


I love a good self development book! Hay House is my favourite publishing company, and below are some of my favourite authors who also happen to light up my newsfeed.

  1. Mel Wells
  2. Hay House Inc
  3. Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. Gabby Bernstein
  5. Marianne Williamson
  6. Rebecca Campbell


I love photography, and I follow a lot of photographers, but I picked this account to share with you specifically because I think it shows what you can achieve even when you’re mothering, and also it provides a very different perspective and different content from the usual.

  1. Sienna and I


I’m very new to learning to cook! And this duo really light up my feed with their vegan creations. Not always gluten free, which often breaks my heart [this morning they posted bakewell slices…] but nonetheless, a great account to follow.

  1. The Happy Pear


I only discovered this blog this week! I used to love gardening as a kid – growing plants from seeds and then eating their fruits… pure magic to me. I am rediscovering this passion, and this little blog is beautiful. Very different to everything else on my feed and it stood out to me primarily on Pinterest but I wanted to share it here too.

  1. Gardening Love