Hello, I’m Sian and I’m a Wild Woman. 

I’ve always been wild. I’d always prefer less clothes, bare feet, and being outside in nature. My first real friend was my black cat [seriously]. I’ve always had less inhibitions than the general population, and it’s been a running joke that no one could ever tame me. I’m a little unpredictable as I take action ‘on a whim’ [which is really just following my inner guidance] and people have always found that both unnerving and inspiring – so they tell me.

Being wild means freedom. To me it is barefoot and muddy with messy hair. It’s not having to conform. It’s showing up in the world exactly as I am, and being loved regardless because of it. It’s being brave and honest, and shining brightly. It’s following my intuition instead of the lists of shoulds and musts that are imposed upon us. 

[For me it also means wearing outrageous levels of biodegradable glitter and sequins at every opportunity.]

It means that I am able to harness my natural power, and my innate knowing. It means that I can twist and turn along my path with trust and certainty that my soul knows where we are going. It means that I know things before I can articulate them. 

It means that I claim my place in the world. And I encourage you to do the same.

A few years ago I had a quarter-life crisis. Well, it was bit more than that. I found myself restricted under the weight of anxiety and depression, and after a year of medication I made some pretty significant changes in my life.

That was the beginning of my homecoming. And I’ve been journeying home to myself ever since.

I want you to journey with me.

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon, and my curiosity and affection have grown over the years. So much so, that I can now recognise the ebbs and flows of my energy in line with the cycle of the moon [cool, huh]. It’s been a huge part of my homecoming in a variety of ways. And a lot of the content I deliver is done so in alignment with the moon phases. 

I found the Wild Woman Project by “chance” [read: Divine Timing] via social media, and signed up for their Circle Leader Training immediately. I graduated as a Wild Woman Project Circle Leader in July 2019. We Circle on the New Moon and the Full Moon, to foster deeper relationships with ourselves, our inner world, and our community. Each Circle we explore a different theme, often informed by the astrological sign the moon is in at the time.


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Reclaim your innate wisdom in Circle with other wild women


If you’ve been feeling unseen, unheard, or disconnected from yourself and the world around you, then this is for you!






My Moon Musings are delivered on the New Moon and the Full Moon each cycle. They’re where you can read all my heart-pourings and life-ponderings.

I write to you because I want to make you feel less alone. I write about things that people are scared to say out loud, and things that people normally reserve for their closest friends.

When you sign up you also get access to my free Mini Rewilding Toolkit  – packed full of guided meditations, journaling prompts, printables, a breathing technique and more, that will help you power up and nurture the wild woman within you.

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Podcast Episode 08: Prioritising Joy

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Podcast Episode 07: What Is Rewilding?

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